Friday, 19 February 2010

Warrior Women From DeviantART

After having seen this blog, Astonishing Artworks of Fantasy Lady Warrior Character Illustrations at Naldz Graphics, I felt a little insulted. They all had big boobs (even 12-year-old Toph) and very little clothing. And worst of all, the majority was from one artist.
So I went on a trip to deviantART to see what I could find when it came to warrior women wearing more than a bikini. (Disclaimer: If a picture is sufficiently awesome, I'll include it whether she's wearing something practical or not)
Girl Warrior by longai
Female Warrior Fate by MeganeRid
Elven Warrior by Tokala
Persian Warrior by Italiener
warrior 2 by wlop
Warrior Girl by FantastyFTW
A Young Samurai Warrior by janenorman
Warrior Grit by aautio
Comission: Warrior Woman by bloodtaster
Warrior Girl by SvenjaLiv
female viking by chrislazzer
Female Knight by dcwj

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